Tree Of Life

The “tree of life” has a religious, philosophical and mythological relevance. In summary most of the time, the metaphor refers to some type of ‘sacred tree.’Almost every religion in the world makes some reference to a tree of life. The “tree” has played some type of important role in past history that makes it important to this day.

The tree of life is known to pre-date even early ancient Egyptian mythology. The symbol is a very powerful image. In Buddhism, the tree of life is where Buddha is thought to have received enlightenment at the bodhi tree.

According to Christianity, the tree of life was planted along the side of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Reference was made to this in the book of Genesis in chapter 2, verse 9.

What does the “tree of life” have to do with jewelry? Well, a lot actually!

Tree Of Life Meaning

There are several meanings to the tree of life and they vary among religions, culture, and mythologies. However, there is a common theme applied among them over time. Most would agree that the tree of life meaning signifies a symbolism of a fresh start on life. This is relevant to providing positive energy, good health, and optimism for a bright future. As the tree grows old, the tree produces seeds which make the tree of life immortal and becomes a symbol of growth and strength.

Tree Of Life Jewelry

Many believe that there are health benefits to wearing a symbol of the tree of life. The jewelry symbolizing the relevance of the tree of life is mainly common among pendant necklaces, earrings, and rings. There are many such examples and styles of a tree of life representations of jewelry worn all over the world for thousands of years.

According to Buddhism wearing a pendant helps to open up your “chakra” to allow for the free flow of energy. Combined with meditation the tree of life pendant worn close to your chest has the ability to manifest powerful results to bring balance and harmony to your mind and body. A good example of such a pendant is our

Tree Of Life- 7 Chakra Necklace

Tree of life necklace

This specific pendant necklace uses the symbolism of the tree as well as 7 different stones that have relevant meanings.

Amethyst- The stone is thought to help you to heal physically and emotionally. This precious stone is known throughout history as the “protector stone.” Wearing this stone can enhance clarity during meditation sessions. The amethyst stone stimulates the crown chakra to help you with self-realization and balancing.

Rock Crystal- Another potent healing stone. This stone is used to aid oneself to heal old emotional wounds that you may have. It is a spiritual stone that helps a person to improve self-respect. The crystal has an uncanny ability to increase your energy for all those who wear this amazing crystal.

Citrine- The “happy stone.” Known for thousands of years to bring good luck and fortune to its owners. Citrine also has the ability to stop negative energy from coming into your life. This “success stone” is among one of the most important stones that need to be part of your life.

Aventurine- This incredible stone has the ability to bring benefits to all areas of your life. The stone can focus on your creativity and intellectual endeavors. A state of calm, energy, happiness and inner strength can be harnessed from this stone, often surprising the beholder of the stone. Aventurine is often used to help aid physical problems to balance blood pressure, relieve allergies and sinus problems, headaches, and sleeping issues.

Tiger’s Eye- An emotion stone that helps you to release any fear, stress or anxiety that has built up. Tiger’s Eye gives you the personal strength to take action, while not letting your emotions prevent you from making the wrong judgments. This stone makes you feel more confident and can be worn as an amulet. People with anxiety or depression often report that the power of the stone helps with their self-confidence and healing process.

Opal- The “eye stone” acts as a prism of your aura. The eye of the opal allows the wearer to absorb love, hope, luck and happiness from the cosmos. Opal helps you in your meditation quest to bring positive energy in general to every aspect of your life.

Agate- For a very long time, agate was believed to be a fertility stone. People believed that it helped to prevent miscarriages. Women also reported that discomfort during pregnancy was relieved substantially. Inner peace, emotional and physical balance also plays a major role in the capability of this stone for the bearer wearing this amazing stone. Some other known health benefits reported with agate involve health issues relating to headaches, food allergies, kidneys, spleen, and digestive organs.