Experiencing The Meghan Markle Effect

Just a little over seven years ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement to the world press. The occasion would turn out to become iconic in modern history.

The Meghan Markel Effect

What was so special about this celebrity engagement? Would you imagine, not only was it a royal engagement but eyes were also focused somewhere else other than the young couple. What was it you may ask? It was the iconic dress she had selected. The occasion prompted one of the most iconic looks in modern history. The royal blue silk wrap design had perfectly complimented her 12-carat sapphire ring. The whole ensemble screamed with elegance and grace.

It only took mere seconds to propel the brand “Issa” into uncontrollable instant fame. The designer of the elegant wrap around could not have imagined that in only seconds life for the company would be changed forever and be a part of history.

Designer Never Seen It Coming

The designer Daniella Helayel could not keep up with the demand, which ultimately led to the downfall of the original company. Due to a series of unforeseen events, she had to find an investor and sold a major stake of her company. Not long after the “Issa” brand that started it all finally ceased in 2015 due to creative differences.

Designers and small companies all over the world were watching and listening, while others were paying attention to the celebrity couple. While under the radar, a “brand” company story was unfolding like a drama in itself.

The Meghan Markle Effect

Well, eerily similar déjà vu is happening once again in the present day. This time it is Meghan Markle, not Kate Middleton, Prince Harry instead of Prince William. What is it this time? It is a white robe coat by Canadian brand LINE The Label in place of an Issa wrap dress.

A branding sensation has taken place again. Unlike seven years ago, the coat from LINE the Label sold out in minutes. The brand suddenly became the center of a worldwide phenomenon known as the Markle-fueled phenomenon. Now officially called The Meghan Markle Effect.

Meghan Markle

LINE The Label

You can well imagine John Muscat, president, and co-founder of LINE The Label had a very proud moment for the company and his team. “The company had no idea she was going to wear their coat,” said Muscat.

Muscat added that apparently Markle had discovered the brand on her own and had become a loyal customer for years to his surprise. “The coat was from our Fall/Winter 2017 collection,” added Muscat.

Muscat was not exactly sure how much traffic the recognition of the coat brought inaccurately as the morning of the photocall, was enough to break the site putting it offline for a few minutes. One can only imagine how high those numbers could have been. Muscat’s company has re-branded the name of the coat to Markle to honor her in the same way she honored us.

It goes without saying that anytime a celebrity or someone of high status choose a selected item of clothing, jewelry or accessory it immediately puts the designer or company in the forefront with their brand. Often, it does not need to be big names or brands. Celebrities search the internet and purchase like everyone else. It will be interesting to see which designer or company will experience the next Meghan Markle Effect. Fashion is an ebb and flow and constantly changing. Who knows who will be next.

We know for certain that the Meghan Markle Effect is here to stay and happens frequently and often. Let us keep watching the headlines and remember what you have learned about the phenomena.

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